Disney Princess Girls Trainers Holographic Silver Sports Shoes Kids Running Sneakers Ariel Rapunzel Belle Cinderella

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Disney Princess Girls Trainers Holographic Silver Sports Shoes Kids Running Sneakers Ariel Rapunzel Belle Cinderella

Disney Princess Girls Trainers Holographic Silver Sports Shoes Kids Running Sneakers Ariel Rapunzel Belle Cinderella

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Akabur’s Princess Trainer: Gold Edition is an adult training video game based upon Disney’s Aladdin. It is set after Witch Trainer, occurring in the Harry Potter universe, which in turn happens just after Magic Shop events.

Quest #12: To each his own…Permit’ is now available. (Requires Obedience Level 8 (‘Obedient’) and Moral Standards 2 (‘Immoral’)). Requires : ‘Quest #19: Pleasing the mother. Again.’ OR ‘Quest #17: The Blood-oath’ Completed (Either Iris or Lola lives with you), appr. 2000 G. You may solicit Iris’ whore services at The Red Phoenix when she’s working there. You can schedule her to work from her room in the Evening Menu. If Jasmine is also working at the time (Requires ‘Quest #12: To each his own … Permit’ Completed), you can solicit both of them at the same time. When returning from work, it doesn’t matter if you send the girls to their rooms or ask about their day. Only immediate dialogue changes. You may now return to Balsam daily to ‘Collect from your fruit stand’ the profits (Random amount between 10 G. and 30 G.)The game likewise includes a whorehouse, one of the many kinds of tasks Jasmine needs to work to earn Genie some money. Lola, the ruined daughter of the brothel madame eventually winds up at Genie’s home, similar to Iris, daughter of Maslab, regional bartender. You may still complete store tasks for Azalea, and exchange Development Points for ‘massages’ from Azalea for 10 DP (Route B) or 12 DP (Route A). None of the choices change anything except dialogue. There is four Gallery CGs available by doing this step, 2 different ones for Route A and Route B. If you hadn’t trained Jasmine more than necessary, she now has the necessary Obedience Level and Moral Standards to ‘Work as a dancer’ at the Blue Bull. This job pays between 70 G. to 90 G. 80% of the time, with a slight variation 20% of the time.

Android version is still in the works, but if anyone can pull it off it would be Xaljio. Keeping my fingers crossed... Jasmine may now ‘Sell fruits on the market’ for Balsam at the Market Place. This job pays between 10 G. to 30 G. 80% of the time, with a slight variation 20% of the time. Once ‘Quest 20: A Curious Case of Blue Balls’ is completed, the pay is increased to 10 G. to 40 G. 100% of the time. Your house is remodeled. Rooms are added for Lola (‘Quest #19: Pleasing the mother. Again.’) and Iris (‘Quest #17: The Blood-oath’). Moral Standards are lowered only at Jafar’s Slave-Girl Acadamy [JSGA] which is available after ‘Quest #2: Family Feud’. Each class can lower Moral Standards by 1 if a random roll is passed. The Beginner and Advanced classes have a 20%??? chance of failure. The Expert class has a 40%??? chance of failure.

Repeat Step #1 as you work your way through the next 4 dates with Iris, who only shows up about 40% of the time. Unless specifically mention, none of your choices change anything significant on these dates. For save-scummers, save/reload from the [Evening Menu] before choosing ‘Take a Walk Outside.’ The game decides if Iris will be at The Blue Bull when you choose ‘Take a Walk Outside.’

Make Jasmin work here as a whore.” (Requires Whore Dress, Obedience Level 8 (‘Obedient’), Moral Standards 2 (‘Immoral’)) Again, we resume dates with Iris, only now she is at The Blue Bull every evening. Choices begin to matter because the Training Iris Minigame starts here at Date 9. Dates 1 through 8 were completed during Quest #5 and Quest #6, and Step #1.) Play Dice with Maslab’ in the evening at The Blue Bull. You play 3 rounds for 20 G. each. You gain or lose 20 G. depending on who rolls highest. (Reward: Maslab Friendship +1) The options to ‘Play Dice with Maslab’ and ‘Arm-wrestle with Maslab’ disappear after completing ‘Quest #15: The Nightmare Job’.Jasmine’s Obedience Tests can be found on the [Evening Menu]. The choices you make during these scenes only change immediate dialogue and scenes. They have no affect on the story. CG #15: “Quest #13: The Favorite Customer” – Complete ‘Route A’ (the loyal business partner route). You may solicit Jasmin’s whore services (optionally, with Iris if ‘Quest #17: The Blood-oath’ is completed) at The Red Phoenix when she’s working. Demanding a reward nets you an “an orange” but oranges don’t exist in the game. It’s flavor dialogue.) Here are a full guide for Princess Trainer walkthrough Gold Edition game. All the information you need to know about the princess trainer.

Challenge #11: My Seamstress WAIFU.” completed if you followed Azalea’s Route A (the loyal business partner route). You can now ‘Make Jasmine work here as a whore’ at The Red Phoenix. This job pays between 170 G. to 190 G. 65% of the time, with a slight variation 35% of the time. Shameless (Note: After reaching this, a choice will come up in a dream. Your reply doesn’t matter.) Quest #20: A Curious Case of Blue Balls” (Requires Morality Standard 6, Obedience Level 6, Jasmine not working/training) Quest: “No Dancing Allowed” (Option hidden unless you have Obedience Level 5+ and Moral Standards 7-)

Your goal is gather 51 Development Points to complete all upgrades on Azalea’s Store. You may complete 1 task each day. There are 9 possible tasks, with 1 chosen at random daily. Your choices (especially who you choose to help) will affect the number of Development Points you receive for completing the task. Any task the Old Man/Genie completes is worth “DP +1”, regardess of if the game says “+2” or “-1”. It’s always “+1” (bug). If you don’t have both girls living with you, it will just take a few more days to complete. Exercise in the evening at the Market Square after Quest #2 is complete. Affects Challenge #6 and Challenge #7. Requires : ‘Quest #2: Family Feud’ Completed, 700 G., must keep money above 200 G. until thief is caught,

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