Eight Billion Genies #1 (of 8)

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Eight Billion Genies #1 (of 8)

Eight Billion Genies #1 (of 8)

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Soule, Charles (May 2022). "[untitled]". Eight Billion Genies. No.1. Illustrated by Ryan Browne. Portland, Oregon: Image Comics. I always tell people that the most creative and original storytelling is being done in comic books. It seems like the most innovative ideas are being explored in this medium. Eight Billion Genies is the latest thing I've read that reminded me of that. Starting on the fateful day when 8 billion cute tiny genies pop out of nowhere and latch themselves to each living person on Earth, granting each person one single wish, it then proceeds to tell the story of the craziness that transpires after that. Will Williams, who's actually a genie. He was the genie who granted the last wish in the previous iteration, and has lived for nearly 1,400 years as a result. Who Would Be Stupid Enough?: Ernest asks why anyone would wish for a volcano to erupt, much less eight of them all named "Mount Doom", complaining about how heavy that Foreshadowing is. In the same scene, Ed asks why a child would wish for Robbie's school to be turned into chocolate. Robbie's genie responds that they don't try to explain wishes, they just grant them. Snobby Hobbies: While the rest of the world struggles to survive in a genie-induced apocalyptic hellscape, the lawyers of Exactitude are first seen playing tennis and golf in their wish-proofed exclusive sanctuary, without a care in the world.

On June 15, 2022, Eight Billion Genies #2 was released. [9] This second issue featured two variant covers, one illustrated by Browne (Cover A) and the other illustrated by Andrew MacLean (Cover B). [10]Domesticated Dinosaurs: One man seen in the first issue is depicted riding a theropod like a cowboy even as it devours numerous people. For Browne's inebriated state and the convention specifics, see Browne (2021a). For the concept's specifics and its genesis status, see Beltran (2021).

All Wishes Granted: This is the premise of the comic, as all eight billion people on Earth are suddenly granted one wish each. An episode of The Simpsons (specifically, "Curse of the Flying Hellfish") is referenced when discussing the idea of "tontines" (a wish that is shared among multiple people and can only be granted when all of them are in agreement).

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Ensemble Cast: The story focuses primarily on Will Williams and the people who happened to be at his bar when the genies came to Earth, sharing focus between them as they all try to make sense of their current situation. Betty and Carlos, son of the leader of El Futuro, end up being happily married for several decades, with several children and grandchildren. Even outside of that context, the sheer fact that everyone on Earth suddenly each get a wish that grants them anything they want is a mass-empowering event in its own right. Eight Billion Genies” is an eight-issue comic book series created by Charles Soule and Ryan Browne. The story revolves around a world-altering event where every person on Earth is granted a genie and one wish simultaneously. Chaos ensues as people’s desires clash and the consequences of their wishes unfold. As the eighth and final issue concludes the miniseries, readers discover the fate of the characters and witness the culmination of their journeys. “Eight Billion Genies” offers a unique and entertaining exploration of wish fulfillment on a global scale, delivering a thrilling ride filled with surprises, humor, and poignant moments.

Betty Tzang, daughter of Wang and Lifeng. Her mother's wish was that Betty would survive to use her own wish. Justified. The genies are Reality Warpers who can grant virtually any wish. As such, it's a trivial thing for them to give someone exaggerated physical proportions, such as giving a child biceps bigger than his own head. Imagine you had a single wish that you could use to get anything or do anything you can imagine. What would you use it for? Would you ask to be famous? To get that Cool Car you've always wanted? What about superpowers? Or meeting your childhood heroes? It's the type of captivating tale that I love to read, one that uses a speculative high concept to comment on human nature, morality, and society's destructive tendencies. The ideas here are always interesting and I love the direction the story takes. Half the Man He Used to Be: Wang shoots an energy blast from his Power Fist and swipes it across a vampire's torso to cut him in half.IDW Announces Smoke And Mirrors" (Press release). San Diego, California: IDW Publishing. 2011-10-12. Archived from the original on 2014-08-03 . Retrieved 2022-03-10. Unknown parameter |url-status= ignored ( help)

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