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And Then I Woke Up

And Then I Woke Up

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It would’ve been nice to get to know the characters more deeply and see different perspectives around the main event that happens. I know what the author was trying to do, but the ability to know the difference between what's right and wrong is usually a matter of turning inward, and not outward. The narrator is telling his story (which itself is a powerful act in this universe) and he is speaking to a specific audience--his voice is vivid, and the framing adds another layer to the meaning and experience of the novel. That said, I did enjoy our narrator as a storyteller very much, so I suppose the book's flaws are also its qualities, in a sense (can you see now why I'm struggling to rate and review this? With this new adventure juxtaposed with flashbacks to Spence’s time in the devastated world pre-cure (and gradual realisation that all is not as it seems), it reads like a combination of ‘Dogsbody’, the werewolf-virus story from Devlin’s collection You Will Grow Into Them, and They Live.

Without giving away spoilers, the end of the first chapter took me completely by surprise and made me want to reread what I'd just read and see the signs of what was going on.Devlin does a superb job showing how his afflicted characters are compelled to accept outrageous beliefs that contradict the objective realities before them.

Genre fans who like their scares dark, psychological and trippy - and really anyone looking for something different - ought to check this out. There is real carnage enacted in these pages, and the sights, sounds, and even smells of this destruction are made very clear to the reader through the author’s description. It is a story--like all stories--with the ability to make us see the world just a little bit differently. Spence was an engrossing narrator, dancing between hard facts and his subjective perspective with the ease of a drunken marionette.This book is definitely a little confusing at first, i found myself exiting out to read the synopsis a couple times and reread multiple passages. They begin a journey across the uninhabited land, discovering new facts and realities along the way. The timeline is not always linear and explores other versions of what happened, complicating and simplifying the story elements all at once. Devlin has produced a novella that is both entertaining and has something to say about the state of the modern, media driven world. Part of the allure of Devlin’s narrative is the way he twists the perception of reality through Spence’s explanation to the reader.

Moments of illumination and clarity about the world around both narrator and reader were delivered alongside interaction between the individual who voiced it and characters that appeared offstage.

This may not be of earth-shattering importance when it’s a question of whether a particular dress is blue and black or white and gold.

And while diving headfirst into the hyper individualistic attitudes that dominate the genre, he questions their utility. Two years prior to the start of the novella, the narrator, Lewis “Spence” Spencer, was infected, and, believing that patrons at the restaurant where he worked had turned into a pack of cannibalistic monsters, he and fellow believer Macey killed more than 30 people. This was a fascinating zombie novel that led to a cool chat with my twelve-year-old about the common experience of feeling like you're in a movie, especially if there's music playing, and whether or not we'd be someone else's believer.But then you realize that’s the point, because it’s a story about a cured survivor trying to make sense of a world fighting a viral disease that warps one’s perception of reality. He can no longer believe what he sees, and therefore must rely on techniques his doctors have taught him to make sure he doesn’t go off the deep end again. Violet is at the mercy of the plot rather than being in charge of it, hurtling through one obstacle after another. Haunted by guilt, he refuses to face the changed world until a new inmate challenges him to help her find her old crew. And Then I Woke Up is a zombie story of sorts, but told from the perspective of someone who has been “cured” — and these definitely aren’t your average zombies.

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