32 AMP Plug To 16 AMP Socket 240V Blue 4mm HO7RN-F Changeover Lead

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32 AMP Plug To 16 AMP Socket 240V Blue 4mm HO7RN-F Changeover Lead

32 AMP Plug To 16 AMP Socket 240V Blue 4mm HO7RN-F Changeover Lead

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Any other suggestions for somthing smart fast and compacrt would be appreciated please I was trying to use native picaxe to divive the high word first to give athe quotient vai / and the remainder using // then process on through the lower word, but the logic as beyond me.

And also letting us know about 32 bit editor symbols which point ialong th same track) If only someone had thought to do the compliment for 32 /16 divide in firmware, but I quess in the old days memory space was absolutely premium.

Actually, it might be that there was just a line which had gone AWOL, marked in the updated code below. We shift the divisor left until it's the largest number less than the quotient, keeping track of by how much we have shifted it by. I've been wondering if it's possible to use much the same code structure at the byte level rather than the bit level (just as one uses decimal digits for normal long division), obviously moving bytes between registers rather than the "shift lefts".

However, I think I've tried that before and encountered complications, but maybe only with overflow/underflow checking, which (I assume) we're ignoring here.

The ENCS63/415/S13/32/16 has a 63 Amp Panel Inlet by Mennekes and 9 different outlets, each protected by a Type A RCD and C Curve MCBs by ABB or Doepke. The lack of direct support for overflow/carry flags with PICaxe basic is rather a pain, so a "cheat" I've done is to restrict the denominator to one bit less i.

Thanks HIPPY for the mind trigger that shows how effectively the picaxe word*word = 32 bit result does that task in firmware. e. dividing by multiples of ten for up to 10 digits) but the extra code is far larger than the basic division subroutine(s)! Also, there appears to be a bug in the Program Editor which doesn't generate any value higher than 2,147,483,647 (31 bits). The quotient (answer) can be a 32 bit (2 word number if the divisor is very small) but usually the entire answer will be in the low word of the quotient.e. 17 bits) but this can be bodged as we know that if a digit has reached the 17th (overflow) position then it's only necessary to (always) perform a single subtraction of the denominator. If this divide function could be available, it seems picaxe divide maths would extent to 16 bit integer resolution rather than 8, which I suspect many would appreciate. So long as the breaker is the correct size for the cable it will be ok other than nuisance tripping if you use a load of 16a sockets at the same time and overload the MCB (not good design). The result can be full 32 bit (if you don't need that then you can remove all the lines that handle result_hi).

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