Vitax Blood Fish & Bone Fertiliser,10kg

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Vitax Blood Fish & Bone Fertiliser,10kg

Vitax Blood Fish & Bone Fertiliser,10kg

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The answer to this question is dependent on how the fish meal, blood meal and bone meal are mixed and to what ratio. This is complicated by the age of the fertiliser, how much is applied, the weather it has been exposed to, the soil type and the microbial distribution, as this will change from batch to batch. My pet hate is liquid fertilisers that are so strong, they burn the foliage or, worse, get washed away as soon as it rains. Fish meal is the leftover and unwanted products from the fishing industry, as more waste is produced than actually fish eaten. The unwanted fish, fish bones and fish trimmings are dried, pressed and grounded into the final product. Fishbones are a great fertilizer They are both just as effective as each other, the choice of which one to use is based on your preference. They are both short term fertilisers, only provided enough food for plants for 4 to 6 weeks. If you are looking for more long term fertilizers, which release their nutrients over a long period of time, then I suggest you read my article on slow-release fertilisers. WHAT IS FISH, BLOOD AND BONE FERTILIZERS?

The main difference is that fish, blood and bone is organically made out of natural waste products, whilst growmore is made out of inorganic compounds mixed together. That is the main difference, where fish, blood and bones are used for those who want to garden using organic principles, whilst growmore is for those who do not mind using synthetic, man-made products. New compost looks good enough to eat If you are into organic gardening then fish, blood and bone is the product for you, or if you are not bothered as long as the product does the job, then you can use either. To give an idea of cost per square metre, growmore will cost around 10p and fish, blood and bone will cost around 5p for the recommended application rate. Levington® Fish, Blood & Bone Multi Purpose Plant Food can be applied prior to sowing or planting and as needed throughout the growing season. Fish, blood and bone will replace nutrients lost after cutting your lawn, and revitalise the grass, making for a denser and healthier lawn. Use every time you are preparing the soil for planting. Sprinkle evenly over the soil and mix in well. Water well after planting out, especially in dry weather.It is important to use the fertilizer when the plant demands it. Each soil has also a saturation level of nutrients it can absorb: when there is too much fertilizer in the ground the plants will not use it and the precious fertilizer will run off or leach. Soil bacteria use some of the fertilizers, in particular fish meal, for their own growth and well being which encourages early season microbial life. Please note that dogs are attracted to the smell of fish, blood and done, so they will dig around your garden if they detect it. Try to keep dogs away from the product, as you do not want holes in your garden or your containers turned over, making a mess. WHAT IS GROWMORE? The nutrients also improve the beneficial culture in encouraging them to grow and flourish, in particular, bacteria and mycorrhiza fungi, thus helping the nutrient uptake. As the product isn’t a liquid, there’s less runoff and wastage too. 2) It makes for a Perfect Soil Improver/Base Feed Fish, blood and bone has many uses in the garden from a general fertiliser, lawn fertiliser or as an addition to any container. It will help the plants in all of these cases. WHEN TO USE?

REVITALISE YOUR LAWN – Fish, Blood & Bone replaces nutrients lost and revitalises grass, making for a denser sward and healthier lawn. Organic Fish, Blood and Bone Feed has been used as a garden fertiliser for as long as any gardener can remember and the balanced nutrient spread of this most traditional of plant feeds makes it ideal for use all around the garden. This means you can use bone meal on its own in autumn to prepare the soil for next year. It has an NPK ratio of 3.5:18:0.

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